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Mocha Lab is the moniker of composer and
Paul Shapera for his eclectic,
concept-based laptronica albums.

He has composed for modern dance ensembles as
well as multimedia musicals, and as Mocha Lab
has written and produced several albums, including
The Coffee Cellar
, a series of pychedelic beats
and compositions built around recorded conversation
at an artsy coffee shop, Mala Sirena, a dark
and dreamy musical retelling of the Hans
Christian Anderson Little Mermaid story
and Subduction, a dreamy, downtempo latin &
jazz infused album.

He moves around a lot, currently residing in Serbia.
He has recently released Anamnesis, an
organic exploration of faith and its opposites,
and Cthulhu, the Funksical.

In 2011, he teamed with the matthew show to form
Ah Pook the Destroyer, which released The Silver
, based on an H.P. Lovecraft story of the
same name.

Having authored The Dolls of New Albion:
A Steampunk Opera
(awaiting a theatre run in
London), and The Dieselpunk Radio Hour, he is presently composing new
theatrical works.





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