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Born and raised in rural Texas, matthew spent
the 1990s navigating the murky waters of the North
Texas music scene in a variety of rock bands. He
moved to New York in 2002 to begin a solo career
as the matthew show, eventually moving
operations back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in
2006 due to hipster fatigue.

In 2003 his debut solo album, texas, was released
on his own Naive Music label. matthew's second
album, february, was released in 2008 by
Wampus Multimedia. His third album, Memphis,
was released in October 2012. An EP of
acoustic tracks, Inklings, was released in March
2013. All have received wide critical acclaim.
He continues to release singles through Naive

In 2010, matthew launched a popular docu-pop
podcast, The Band That Never Was:

In 2011, matthew formed Ah Pook the Destroyer
with Paul Shapera of Mocha Lab and released
their debut album The Silver Key, based on the
H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name.

His songs have been featured on several seasons of
the PBS series Roadtrip Nation, and on National
Public Radio's All Songs Considered.

His cover of Warren Zevon's Mohammed's Radio
was included on the bestselling tribute album
Hurry Home Early, and his song Bring Me Safely
won second place in American
Songwriter magazine's Lyric Competition.

His song Office Suite, Part I was used as
the soundtrack to lonelygirl15's YouTube video
The Tolstoy Principle, which has gained over half
a million views due to coverage in Wired and the New York Times.

He read and created the music for the
2011 audiobook version of Mark Doyon's
Bonneville Stories
. In 2011, he co-produced the
debut album by singer/songwriter (and matthew show
fiddlist) Beth Brown, ironically titled I'm Not Matthew.
In 2013, he produced the self-titled debut EP by
Fish Fry Bingo co-founder Pookie.

He has performed live with acts as diverse as Hamell
On Trial, Daniel Katsük, Villain Vanguard and
Goodwin, and headlined 2004's JournalCon
in Washington DC. He has worked with artists such
as Cubano-classical favorites Las Rubias del
Norte, NYC celebrity street musician Dorian
Spencer, renowned violinist Reggie Rueffer,
roots-rock songwriters Doug Kwartler, James Dunn
and Ed Rogers, and avant-garde composers Little
Jack Melody and Bone Doggie.

matthew plays guitar for Fort Worth Weekly
Music Awards nominees Fish Fry Bingo, an
intriguing mix of hillbilly and hip-hop.

He performs regularly as Matthew Perreault in the
virtual world Second Life, where his live concerts
draw fans from around the real world and throughout
the metaverse.

matthew's non-musical activities have included
writing and editing children's nonfiction books, being
one of's first movie reviewers,
providing commentaries on Dallas' KERA FM,
and performing as an extra on the late,
lamented Walker, Texas Ranger.

In 2016, he released Rewired, his debut novel.

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